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Guided Meditation – Sacredness of Life

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Download FREE light language audios HERE “This transmission supports you to RELEASE the old, OPEN to the new and to embrace the joy of being in the physical world at this time, to EMBRACE the sacredness of life. It was recorded on Spring/Autumn Equinox 2012, supported by the incredible energies of the Grand Earth Trine March-April 2012 between Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn & Mars in Virgo.
This trine was about releasing the old structures that are holding us back & allowing the new to be birthed through practical, productive, dependable and resourceful means. Teaching us to savor and enjoy the embodied experience of life, using our energy to honour the sacredness of ourselves, our relationships & our Earth.

With all the rapid changes now occurring this configuration in the earth element this Grand Trine was a great opportunity for implementing balance — allowing for sustainable changes that are also sacred and pleasurable.

Kyrona is a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healer & Teacher and the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language.

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