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ChannelHigherSelf – Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation – Skeletal Alignment

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Our physical posture is directly related to our personality, emotional characteristics and mental performance. By adjusting your physical body to correct your posture, you will help to improve the health of your emotions, performance of your mind, and flow of your energy system. This video will guide you in a 1-step method to correct postural imbalances to improve your overall health.

In most health systems, one aspect of the human experience is emphasized as being all important. Medical doctors believe that biological chemistry is king. Raw foodies and dietician believe that the food we eat determines our health and happiness. Fitness gurus and health nuts say it’s exercise, cardio performance and muscle condition. Spiritual minded teachers, energy healers and therapists say it’s “spirit” or “energy”.

What does the Higher Self say?

A car won’t run if it only has an engine but no wheels. All parts of the car are necessary for it’s function. In a similar way, all parts of your human body are necessary. Not only the human physical form, but also your emotions, your mind and your consciousness.

The human mind likes to cut apart reality and then elevate one part as being the most important. But this is not how the natural world functions. All parts are important and necessary for the greatest success.

In this Higher Self video we examine the physical body, it’s skeletal system, bone structure and posture alignment — all in relation to our health, happiness and creative performance. Learn how your posture is determined by your emotional and mental health. Learn how you can make changes in your body’s posture to resolve difficult emotions and stop thought patterns of suffering or confusion.

A healthy, balanced posture creates the best flow of energy, nervous system communication, blood and oxygen flow, and cellular performance. In one simple step you can have all of this! It is so simple, yet often missed by so many “experts” in health and personal happiness. But you have it here.

The Higher Self-guided Personal Transformation video mini-series will teach you a very effective method for self mastery and personal transformation. Each video contains one step of this complete process. Practical information and direct methods will help you develop the skills necessary to master your human experience. The goal of this video series is to lead you towards the Higher Self state of awakening, where you will achieve complete mastery of the human experience — from spiritual consciousness to mind and emotions to your physical health and material success. There is nothing quite like this available anywhere else. It’s here free on YouTube for you to use!

Many blessings and much Love!

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