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Guided Meditation – Let Go of Embarrassment to Go Beyond Ego

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Children live in an unapologetically natural state; they do what they want without feelings of shame, inadequacy or embarrassment. Regardless of who’s watching, a child will play enthusiastically! Even in public, a child will eat candy with great enthusiasm, unbothered by who may see the mess.

As children, we lived innocently and simply without worrying about the opinions others had for us. Thus, we enjoyed the present moment! Without knowing it, just by simply being as we were, we were in tune with our truth, and in the right headspace to experience enlightenment.

Now, with this guided meditation, we can once again return to that space of innocence, divine carelessness, and freedom from the fear of the opinions of others.

In order to release something bothersome to our inner space, we must face it and live it completely. In this video, I walk you through the release of guilt, shame, embarrassment and fear of public exposure through a role-playing visualization centered around public speaking.

Do it intensely (uncomfortable though it may be) then relax and enjoy the calm, blissful state of childlike purity.

With Love, Light, and Blessings that you may become as little children,


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