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Bach To The Future – Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

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“Bach To The Future”, a binaural beat brainwave entrainment track for deep meditation overlaid with the classical music of Bach along with hypnotic ocean waves, designed to take the listener on a graduated basis from alpha, to theta and then to delta brainwave patterns, a meditative state ordinarily achieved only by Zen and Yogi masters with over 20 years of meditation practice (scientific and other info to follow).

Instructions for use:

1) Method – Use stereo headphones, and sit upright, listening with eyes closed, while attempting to remain conscious throughout, although falling asleep, especially when new to it, is not an uncommon occurance.

2) Use Daily – It is recommended, to get the full benefit, to use this as part of a daily meditation practice. You can expect to notice results within days or weeks, and bigger ones over the duration of a month or two.

3) Start Slow – I would also suggest, for the first 14 days, that you listen only for the first half hour to prevent any sort of “overwhelm” from the new stimulous, which tends to surface previously unresolved and repressed unconscious material. The first song, absent Ocean waves, repeats at the half hour interval.

4) Sit after listening – Lastly, to get maximum benefit and results from each listening session, please sit for 15 minutes to a half hour after listening. The greatest benefit may reside during this absolute quiet time while remaining in the target brainwave pattern.

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