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Judy Satori – Emotional Clearing Technique

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This video by Judy Satori, offers a very simple technique to ease emotional issues, fear and anxiety. More free activations and blessings can be found at

Judy Satori has been spiritually trained and physically prepared by the Elohim, the creator aspect of God and the higher dimensional Councils of Light as a spiritual teacher and energy healer working with sound. She speaks very fast frequencies of sound and light, ‘Light Language’ energy words, transmitted from the Elohim and others of the spiritual hierarchy that instill upgraded vibratory energy patterns into the cells and DNA template of the body. These energy patterns literally rewire the body energetically and recode the DNA, acting as a catalyst to create the physical and consciousness changes required for life on a fifth dimensional Earth. She is the author of “Sunshine Before the Dawn”, telepathically transmitted by higher dimensional beings as being the true story of why we’re here on Earth.

Archangel Michael – Energy Cord Cutting – Meditation

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Just a quick exercise to ask Archangel Michael and God to help dissolve the energetic cords attached to a person, place or thing that no longer serve us. It will help you release fear, anger, resentment or anxiety and move on life with a positive heart.

Lori Granger – Let Go – Guided Meditation

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earn how to release negative energy and emotions

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