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Guided Meditation – Activating Chakras Through Light Rays

NOTE:  Guide asks for 90 minutes of your time.

TheDazbar2·204 videos

Aeoliah – Activating Your Chakras Through the Light Rays…

Heart Chakra Release – Solfeggio Frequency – 639 hz

SangitaPranaMusic·6 videos

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Spiritual Healing music focusing on unblocking the heart chakras and energising the whole spiritual system. Using tuning fork therapy, binaural beats, natural therapy and music therapy techniques.

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Chakra Balancing & Healing – Guided Meditation

Frequency21TV·3 videos

Grounding & Centering Meditation, guided by spiritual channel William Yensen.

Designed to be listened to while seated in a chair, back straight, feet flat on the floor.

Original Music by Frequency 21


To book a personal session with William, or learn more about transformational energy healing, visit

Alpha Binaural Beats – Chakra Balancing Root to Crown

AudioEntrainment·322 videos

This audio uses the following frequencies: Left Ear | Right Ear | Chakra
1st tone is 228Hz 236Hz Root
2nd tone is 303Hz 311Hz Sacral
3rd tone is 182Hz 190Hz Solar Plexus
4th tone is 256Hz 264Hz Heart
5th tone is 192Hz 200Hz Throat
6th tone is 144Hz 152Hz Third Eye
7th tone is 432Hz 440Hz Crown
For best results:
Sit in a comfortable position and play the video from start to finish. You may use this video to enchance meditation.
See the following video for an explanation:………

Chakra Meditation – 15mins – Crystal Singing Bowls – Kundalini Awakening

suntal7·1 video

You may activate the seven chakra centers by crystal bowl sounds. Time lenght is 15 minutes. It may be better to meditate when your consciousness are clear in calm conditions around. If you are not able to turn up the volume, use your headset or headphones.

I made this video with sound extracting 3rd song “Chakra Mediation” in album title “Crystal Voices_The Harmonic Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls [1996]”

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