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DrVirtual7 – Subliminal Healing Thy Inner Self

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Subliminal.Inner Healing Childhood /Adult Trauma,Guilt,Self Sabotage,Shock
Post War Traumatic Syndrome.Tragedy,Physical Emotional Mental And Spiritual Suffering And Abuse.Use With Or Without Headphones.This Audio Recording Produces A Profound Change By Healing And Releasing The Past.This Video Is A Just Listen No Need To Sit And Watch The Visuals.

The Healing Light Of Love
Flows Through Every Fabric Of My Being.
I Am Forgiven.
I Forgive All Things,People,Events,
Circumstances,Lessons,Myself ,The Past
Consciously And Unconsciously.
I Am At Peace Now.
I Am Free To Be Myself.
Every Facet Of My Life Heals
Easily And Effortlessly.
I Am Worthy
I Feel Good About My Life.
From This Moment Forward
I Will Enjoy My Life.
I Am Worthy Of Dignity And Respect.
Every Day In Every Way My Life
Is Getting Better And Better.
I Am A Blessing.
I Accept Myself.
I Accept Change.
I Am Calm.
I Love Life.
Unpleasant Memories Are Released.
The Past Is Over.
I Live In The Now.
I live In Balance And Harmony.
I Let Go.
I Make Good Decisions.
Free Of Fear.
Free Of Anger.
I Am Attractive.
I Am Enough.
I Accept Love In My Life.
I Am Free Of Negative Dreams
And Experiences.
I Make Wise Choices.
Each Day Is A Miracle.
I Am In Control.
I laugh More.
I Smile Easily.
I Am Understanding.
I Now Have A New Lease On Life.

Violet – Healing Meditation with Diana Lang

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Meditations Update List From Higher Density Blog

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Pleiadian Harmonics Meditation

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Teachings of Michael – Your Soul is Calling You – Music by Jonn Serrie

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We invite you to experience the warm, insightful and uplifting guidance that has become known as the teachings of Michael. We offer a variety of programs and services that support a world in transition. They provide tangible solutions to both our personal and planetary concerns with a renewed sense of compassion, vitality and joy.


Lee Harris – 7 Days Of Peace

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Ellaeenah JadeFire – Meditation – Cutting Energy Cords – Dissolving Them Into Light

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To enjoy the harmony and togetherness that relationships can bring, it is essential to cut energy chains that bind us to the egoic experience of pain, suffering, anger & resentment. Patterns that frustrate all our attempts to be free of base emotions can only be overcome when we have liberated ourselves from these chains. These chains also keep us trapped in fear, lack and ignorance. To enrich our lives and empower ourselves we need liberation from energy cords that suffocate. PLEASE DO THE FORGIVENESS MEDITATION (…) 12 TO 24 HOURS AFTER THIS MEDITATION.

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Tom Kenyon – Journey Of The Ka Sound

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