Deep Meditation For Finding Your Spiritual Path.

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How do you meditate?   There are thousands of ways.

The important thing is to not try. Trying stops the process of relaxing. Allow instead.

For me, meditating took a looooong time of:

The Keeper of the Threshold by Elihu Vedder 1897

trying …

reading about it …

trying …

giving up for a while …

reading some more …

trying walking meditation … (Felt silly to me-how can you meditate when you have to watch where you are going?)

giving up for a very long while again …

learning about guided meditation and self-hypnosis …

tried it nearly every day for a month …

and then one day, I got it.

I learned to really relax. To allow. To be okay when your mind starts to chatter (it could be messages that your guides are trying to get to you).

Then I remembered a past life where I taught a completely different kind of meditation. That day, I really got how it meditation worked. Sigh. Finally.

The best advice I ever read was that you can meditate for one minute.

A minute is easy.

Here is how: Focus on your breath. (And since I like to give my brain something to do …) I say to myself, “Breathe in love, breathe out fear” as I inhale and exhale. Just start with one minute.

The cool part of this short meditation is that you can do it anywhere – waiting in line, waiting for the microwave to beep, etc.

Try it. Take a minute. Let me know how it goes.

(I hope your attempts at understanding meditation goes faster for you. It took me years.)

Karen Kubicko Blog

Comments on: "Karen Kubicko Blog – How to Meditate – Start with Just One Minute" (2)

  1. I tried it for one minute. I am a beginner. I have anxiety and am trying to find ways to meditate. As soon as I start focusing on my breath, my heart starts pounding hard. Any tips?

    • Hi Jo,
      I began this blog to coax myself into meditation practice. At this point, I’m still quite spotty. I find the one minute meditation works for me. I understand how meditation can trigger anxiety. It seems like a commitment, to begin with. One minute, randomly works quite well. It is especially useful when, in the spur of the moment, you have an impulse to make a self improvement. This is sometimes called “soul work”. Try 3 deep breaths, then slow deep breathing while vividly feeling what you wish to change. Then tell your self: I don’t need this experience any more – (so 3D). Mentally toss it away. Now begin a new cycle of deep breathing and visualize the Love – based emotion that will be your new reality.

      If you feel anxiety or self doubt, smile and feel your self bathed in self love.

      Lastly, sometimes I take in one deep breath and hold it – with a beautiful thought in mind.

      I know this is all a bit wordy. Trust your inner light to do what you feel is right for you.

      Sending my love and light to you.


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