Deep Meditation For Finding Your Spiritual Path.

Maria Celeste G.·26 videos

“Jose y Maria : Divine Power Moves Through Me”

~*Meditation for Activating DNA Template Codes to Awaken Divinity Within and Enliven One’s Connection to the Infinite Source*~

Created, Composed, and Performed by
Maria Celeste Garcia a.k.a. VelAja TalaLei
© 2011 All Rights Reserved­est

This is a Mystical Quantum Healing Creation for DNA
Activation & Bioregenesis, Awakening the Divinity Within, and Enlivening Our Connection To Our God-Source, The Infinite Source Of All That Is.

This is Lovingly Dedicated to Resonating Starseeds
/ Wanderers, Angelics, Indigos, Crystals, and Our Entire Human Family especially those on the Conscious Spiritual Path towards Divine Union.


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