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Arcturian Heart Meditation – 432Hz – Ra speaks

ARCTURUS RA113 videos

RA’s Voice can be heard and felt in a multidimensional way connecting to you .
Deeply in tonation for you out of LOVE. Highest light RA
All tunes are tuned according to the 432 scale 馃檪…………

Guided Meditation – Let Go of Embarrassment to Go Beyond Ego

MaNithyaSudevi94 videos

Check out my new colouring book for all ages, designed to balance left and right brain thinking. Colouring, like playing spontaneous music, or writing a story, brings us into a more vivid and aware state of being: the state of creative awareness. Enjoy!

Children live in an unapologetically natural state; they do what they want without feelings of shame, inadequacy or embarrassment. Regardless of who’s watching, a child will play enthusiastically! Even in public, a child will eat candy with great enthusiasm, unbothered by who may see the mess.

As children, we lived innocently and simply without worrying about the opinions others had for us. Thus, we enjoyed the present moment! Without knowing it, just by simply being as we were, we were in tune with our truth, and in the right headspace to experience enlightenment.

Now, with this guided meditation, we can once again return to that space of innocence, divine carelessness, and freedom from the fear of the opinions of others.

In order to release something bothersome to our inner space, we must face it and live it completely. In this video, I walk you through the release of guilt, shame, embarrassment and fear of public exposure through a role-playing visualization centered around public speaking.

Do it intensely (uncomfortable though it may be) then relax and enjoy the calm, blissful state of childlike purity.

With Love, Light, and Blessings that you may become as little children,


Polona – Opening a Gateway – Light Activation/Meditation

NOTE:聽 Meditation Portion of Video Begins at聽 20:08


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my Light activation/meditation on Opening a Gateway. Yesterday I did it myself, while I was sitting outside. After it, I saw three white Light ships. It was a very deep and profound experience. We each have the ability to strengthen our personal Vortex, and through that, we can even open up gateways, if we are so guided of course. Usually gatekeepers operate with this kind of energy work, while the pillars radiate these higher frequencies out. But we need as many who can volunteer to open up the gateways to higher dimensional energies that are entering our planet. Also, we are being asked to focus on our personal Ascension, as there is no more time for non important things. Ascension is well under way, and those who are choosing to ascend, are being invited to enter these interdimensional energies deeper and continue to disperse them. It is all about selfless service to others!

Within Divine Love, Polona

Patricia Cota-Robles – Releasing the Human Ego

PatriciaCotaRobles10 videos

Releasing the Human Ego
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Music by Aeoliah: from The Liquid Light of Healing:

Art – with Gratitude!

Daniel B. Holeman –
Josephine Hall –
Gaelyn Larrick –

Thank you to all artists- please if credits were not given to your artwork, contact Adele

Pleiadian Quantum Shield of Rejuvention

SolaraAnRa109 videos

WARNING from Solara: some of the hathor sounds are LOUD! If you open yourself to the sounds, you will feel the recalibration they offer 馃檪
Mp3 download on
To activate the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, you will spin the emotional body octahedron around your body in a clockwise direction, at the same time as spinning the mental body octahedron in a counterclockwise direction around your body, and within the sphere of Light 77 feet in diameter around you. You do this seven times at the Fibonacci ratio of 34/21 (34 to 21) 33 x God speed to infinity. What this means is that the mental body octahedron will spin around you 34 times while at the exact same time the emotional body octahedron will spin around 21 times, and this is for 33 sets God speed to infinity, a speed not possible to measure. Keep practicing. It may not activate the first time or even the second, but you will start to feel a difference in terms of your focus in your body and health and finding a better emotional balance.

The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield is a sphere of Light radiating around the body and energy field 77 feet in diameter around us, with an inner energy sphere approximately 7.2 feet in diameter around us. The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light recalibrates and restructures the lower bodies, organs and body parts in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, to bring about rejuvenation, healing and rebalancing. Additionally the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light protects us from environmental toxins, harmful electromagnetic radiation and the energy of others.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light is initially activated through the re-energizing and recalibration of particular organs within the body, as well as the 12 main meridians found along the body which connect all the organs and systems in the body. Additionally, in reactivating the flow of energy through each body part and related channel, we further activate the axiatonal lines through particular spin points of sound and color found along each meridian. Furthermore, we link into the axiatonal lines found along the ley lines of Mother Earth, taking us to the Unity Grid of Divine Love and the New Earth Templates.
We are taken into the Ascension Seat within Alcyone and embraced within a Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, are placed within five Healing Chambers of Light connected to the emotions and body parts that need rebalancing and re-energizing respectively, to recalibrate the flow of energy through our bodies and energy fields and to activate our own Pleiadian Rejuvenation Shields of Light.

The first Healing Chamber is Light is the Spleen Healing Chamber of Light. The Spleen Healing Chamber of Light recalibrates the spleen in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, and releases excessive mental energy that takes us into worry and stress.
The second Healing Chamber of Light is the Lung Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the lungs through particular breathing techniques, and well as releasing the emotions of grief, sadness and detachment.
The third Healing Chamber of Light is the Liver Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, and well as releasing the emotions of anger, resentment and frustration.
The fourth Healing Chamber of Light is the Heart Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the heart, and well as releasing the emotions of lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia and despair.
The fifth Healing Chamber of Light is the Kidney Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, releasing the emotions of lack of power, fear and isolation.
Following this, we activate the axiatonal lines found along the acupuncture meridian lines within our bodies as well as connect into Planetary Axiatonal lines of Mother Earth, and from here, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love.
We then activate our own Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, using the sacred geometry of the octahedron, and spinning these octahedrons within our outer sphere of light, 77 feet in diameter around us, at particular Fibonacci ratios God speed to infinity. Once activated, we need only repeat this Fibonacci ratio God speed to infinity to re-activate and permanently create our Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light further assists in clearing out old false beliefs and judgments while bringing greater frequencies of Light into our energy fields, physical bodies, organs and body parts for good health, vitality, increased energy levels and emotional well-being.
This is a most wonderful gift given to us from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and brought to you in a co-creation with Solara An-Ra and Anrita Melchizedek, two well-known Pleiadian channels.

You Are Love 鈽

Draccun102 videos

Lifescapes: Music for Stress Relief / Meditation 2

Song Of Lyra – Dr Judy Satori

RadiantGodLight44 videos

Dr Judy Satori has been spiritually trained and physically prepared by many higher dimensional beings of light and love to assist people to literally rewire energetically and to prepare on all levels of being for the earth’s transit to higher dimensional consciousness, the fifth dimension and beyond.

Judy has worked in turn with the inner plane ascended masters, St Germain, Jesus Christ, El Morya, Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Lady Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis and others of the Tibetan and Egyptian lineages. She was trained by Melchizadek, Metatron and Michael, the Elohim and then by representatives of the Christed extraterrestrial races; the Hathors, Arcturians and Siriuns
and beings from Lyra.

Whilst in Bali in 2002 she spontaneously began to speak the Language of Light. For Judy, speaking Light Language has been part of her training by Spirit for the role she is being guided to play in the unfolding story of Earths ascension.

Lyra is really a 12th dimensional stargate and the birthplace of the entire human race. It is our Alpha and our Omega, our beginning and now our place of transition.

The Song of Lyra is a real song. It is the sacred song of the soul. It is about coming home to our Godself.
The Song of Lyra activates soul memory, leads to soul expansion and ascension.

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Also check out The Karma Klear energy activations audios which have been designed by Spirit to rapidly clear repetitive, sabotaging thoughts and emotions. These recurring patterns of thought and feeling limit us in achieving our potential and affect our enjoyment of life.….

Free Energy Activations to prepare you for Earth’s ascension are available at Dr Judy Satori’s website :

Artwork in this video is by Daniel B. Holeman

It is time to reconnect to our true power and purpose and to activate our inherent potential, so that by coming together once more in unity and in love
we may guide the people of Earth.

Peace and Love.

Secret To Attracting Love – Kelley Powell – Guided Meditation – Attract Your True Love

BestSelfHypnosis8 videos

This is a 10 minute sample of Kelly Howell’s powerful self-hypnosis audio, The Secret to Attracting Love (Guided Meditation). If you want the full 60 minute audio download it by clicking here:

Om Deeksha 鈼 Oneness Blessing 鈼 Bliss

EternalWisdomNow75 videos


Maneesh de Moor and a renowned group of musicians offer a tranquil immersion in the peace at the heart of enlightenment. All are qualified to offer the oneness blessing, the sacred energy that supports the transformation of consciousness and fosters spiritual awakening.

Infused with this spirit of love, Om Deeksha carries listeners on the gentle waves of ten soothing tracks. Along with this soothing soundtrack the video offers a slideshow containing impressiv landscapes photographed on the surface of our beautiful planet Earth.

1. 0:00:00 Moola Prayer – Maneesh De Moor & Sudha
2. 0:09:39 Bliss – Yogini
3. 0:20:26 Jai Radha Madhav – Deva Premal
4. 0:26:47 Morning Praise (Excerpt) – Anandagiri-ji
5. 0:35:40 Invocation of Bliss – Anette Carlstr枚m
6. 0:43:55 Interlude – Maneesh De Moor
7. 0:47:34 Om Bhagavan – Maneesh De Moor & Sudha
8. 0:56:13 Chidananda – Deva Premal
9. 1:02:07 Pure Essence – Maneesh De Moor
10. 1:07:49 Guru Stotram – Krishnaraj-ji

Sacred/Higher Heart Activation – 518hz Frequency – Love & DNA Repair

Helen Demetriou482 videos

The “Sacred/Higher Heart Chakra Activation” video is empowered with the love and DNA repair 518hz frequency and with mandalas and sacred sounds like the ‘Hum’ . The ‘Hum’ was given to Helen Demetriou during a meeting with ‘Zamiroz’, a light being from a collective consciousness known as the ‘Brarn’. The Hum is a natural vibration which comes from human vocal cords; the frequencies of the Hum bring healing and universal love to all who use and hear it.

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